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After many years of research and coaching women, I’ve developed several sets of original models and perspectives to help create new approaches and practical tools to evolve ourselves and our relationships into the 21st century. Read more about it below:

The Evolving Woman
Masculine & Feminine Qualities & Values
Relationship Models


The qualities of the new evolving woman:

* She emanates confidence — in her self-worth, her standards for all aspects of her life, through being very clear about what she wants and deserves.

* She reflects stillness — she is comfortable in her own skin and can express her needs and desires in a composed, direct manner in all situations.

* She sets requirements and standards for her needs and desires — she recognizes that she deserves to ask for and have what she wants without sacrifice, guilt, compromise, or self-imposed limitations.

* She makes conscious choices and decisions from a place of present-moment awareness and clarity — knowing what she feels, what she wants, what is real, and what is really happening.

* She is authentically powerful — not through being demanding, convincing, justifying, or forceful with her energy; nor does she employ emotional tactics, overbearing behavior, or manipulation to acquire what she wants. She knows and asks for what she wants, states her needs and requirements, has positive expectation, and is willing to let go of the outcome.

* She can let go of the outcome — in all situations (business, partner, family, community, etc.). She knows in her heart that she can accept whatever happens, and that there is always another way or opportunity.

* She honors herself — she loves and nurtures her body and spirit by taking time to pamper and care for herself, to slow down and smell the roses, and to express her full femininity with pride.

* She lives in grace, inner beauty, joy, and gratitude — it radiates in her way of being (her energy), her movement. her smile, her presence, her appreciation for others and her life.

* She is authentic — she knows and accepts who she is and doesn’t become a chameleon to match or mirror whatever she thinks a man may want or what others may expect of her.

* She embraces feminine values and qualities and expresses them authentically in all situations. She uses both her feminine qualities and masculine qualities appropriately to achieve her desires and success in business, relationships, and life.

* She desires partnership — all of her relationships are based on mutual benefit, respect, caring, and accountability.


The list below compares some of the classic perceptions of masculine and feminine traits and values. Obviously, both genders possess masculine and feminine qualities and energies; however, these are common generalities associated with male and female genders. Most of these qualities are useful and appropriate for both men and women in various circumstances within our complex lives. However, in recent decades due to women’s inclination toward more masculine traits and values in pursuit of equal power, I believe the imbalance of gender energies has led to many of the problems in our society today.

Imagine how different our world would be if women’s authentic voices and power were more fully engaged in finding solutions to such issues as poverty, disease, and peace. Reconnection with feminine aspects such as non-violence, empathy, holistic thinking, and inner wisdom will inspire us to change the world for the better.

We do not want to disclaim masculine traits and values, but we do want to fully embrace and employ our feminine values and at the same time become more authentic and balanced women.

Emotional/Expressive/Sensitive Rational/Reserved/Restrained
Creativity/Imagination Intellect/Mental Power
Vulnerable/Gentle/Soft/Supple Strength/Power/Speed
Intuitive Logical/Analytical
Inner Wisdom/Inspiration Within Authority/Positional Power
Perceptive/Insightful Inattentive/Preoccupied
Introspective/Reflective Externally Focused
Intimacy/Bonding Distant/Isolation
Enjoyment/Pleasure/Joyfulness Winning/Conquest
Nurturer/Caretaker Provider/Protector
Beauty Spatial Perception/Function
Responsive/Receptive Initiating/Forceful
Communicators/Verbal/Storytelling Concise/Matter of Fact/Reporter
Social/Interpersonal Independent
Multitasking Single-Tasking/Tunnel Vision
Holistic Thinking/Mental Flexibility Structured/Compartmentalized Thinking
Cooperative/Compliant Aggressive/Warring
Empathy/Compassion/Attachment Detachment/Strategic
Altruism/Humanitarianism Egotism/Self-Preservation
Supportive Connections Rank/Status
Tolerance Fixed Beliefs
Non-Violence Combative
Collaboration Competition
Equality/Interdependence/Reciprocity Superiority/Hierarchical/Supremacy
Inclusion/Clique/Unity Exclusion/Separation/Autonomy
Democratic/Consensus Building Authoritative/Domination
Sharing of Power/Partnership Command & Control


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