Feminine Potential

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What’s so important about Feminine Potential?

Our potential represents all of our underlying possibilities, capabilities, brilliance, talents, and hidden desires for self-expression, meaning, and purpose in life. Women today are smart, talented, capable, and get great satisfaction from accomplishments and pursuing goals and dreams. Your potential can be as simple as carrying the essence of feminine values, such as the energy of optimism, love, joy, wisdom, and compassion for others in your way of being and doing your life. Or it could show up in a creative endeavor or something that has positive impact on others’ lives, your community, or the world. Expressing our potential fills the neglected void in our hearts that says there is something more for us to know, to be, to experience, to create, or to do while we’re here. Each and every one of us is significant, valuable, and essential on this earth. Women are natural collaborators and have remarkable intellectual, creative, and humanistic gifts that can make the world a better place. We’re practical, holistic thinkers with get-it-done attitudes.

This is the age of personal potential which means that individually it’s time to let it all hang out! It’s time to step out into the world with all of our secret passions, visions, ideas, and positive energies to experience our full expression as a woman and a human being. Is it scary? Uh, yeah. But for me it’s more threatening to my existence and happiness to not do it. Let’s do it together and become Fempotent!

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