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You are significant, influential, and your potential is essential
– you are fempotent!

Vision for Advancement of Feminine Potential

Fempotency: feminine significance, influence, and potential

Women designing a better world by: becoming more authentic, self-honoring, embracing our natural feminine power, and creating harmonious partnerships, while experiencing more joy and self-expression in evolving to our highest potential.

Fempotency Precepts

Become  fempotent – expand feminine significance and influence through self-power and evolving to your highest potential.

Uncover your authentic feminine power and practice self-power: self-love, self-authority, self-accountability and self-responsibility for your own life experiences. That is, honor yourself; give yourself permission to ask for and receive what you want; stand up for and be answerable to yourself; and take responsibility for your outcomes.

Now is the time to unveil our dormant brilliance and creativity that is demanding to be revealed, to employ our highest values, and transform our world.

Unite and collaborate to advance feminine models of self-power and ways of being for the 21st century evolving woman.

Reclaim and honor feminine values, such as intuition, compassion, joy, collaboration, caring and nurturance of people and our planet.

The battle of the sexes is so last millennium! Harmonious partnerships are not only possible, but essential for creating better lives and a better world.

Women are quintessential creators with the responsibility to evolve human ideals and standards for compatible, sustainable relationships.

Create new relationship models for equal and evolving partnerships.

Break through limiting beliefs and behaviors, shatter outdated mating paradigms, and dispel myths that characterize women as desperate and yearning for men to validate and choose them.

Create intentional partnerships versus happenstance romance by:

  • Getting clear about what you want and deserve, setting standards and higher ideals for partnering.
  • Making authenticity the new sexy!  Get real and honest about what is true about you and what nurtures your spirit and heart.
  • Creating reality-based relationships versus fantasy “ever-afters.”
  • Prioritizing essence and energetic compatibility over temporary, hormonal-induced attraction and fantasy.
  • Advancing new definitions of beauty and attractive qualities versus cultural and media stereotypes.
  • Believing there’s a Dream Man for every woman desiring a partner, and he’s waiting to take his cue when you show up in your authenticity and feminine power.
  • Choosing and creating  the life of your dreams versus waiting for it to be chosen for you.

Lead the way to enlightened partnerships:

  • Choose the new prince charming –a Dream Man — a true partner who supports the evolving woman’s authenticity, aspirations and highest potential.
  • This synergistic partnering is co-creative with the higher purpose of uniting feminine life force energy and masculine builder-grounding force energy to heal and transform our world.
  • Feminine values + Masculine capability  =  A Grander Intentional World.

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